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Tina Duong, family of 3 studying

Bok Fu Do is a the best martial art and East-West Kung Fu is the best school to learn the system.

My family and I have been with East-West Kung Fu for a little over  a year and we very much enjoy every moment here. The school has a large number of highly trained staff; they are very professional and have a passion for what they do to help the students to achieve their goals. The teacher/student ratio is high (average 1/5) so the students receive a full attention while learning.

Besides the wide range of classes with many different levels, and a flexible schedule which helps students to choose what fits for them, each student have the luxury to work one-on-one with their private instructor. This helps advance the techniques and skills rather quickly.

At East-West, the students not only improve the physical ability and health with bok-fu do, they also receive the benefits of learning how to logically deal with difficult situations in real life. This school is excellent for young children as they learn to discipline and respect others. I see the changes in the level of confidence in most children, as well as in my son.

If your resolution is to become a more rounded person, I highly recommend East-West Kung-Fu.

Tina Duong