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Make 2017 your best year yet!

Use your “Kung Fu” to achieve all of your goals this year!

On behalf of Grandmaster Lee, Master Buckley, and I, we’d like to wish you a very happy new year!

The new year is a good time to reflect on the year past and plan for the future. It’s a time to be grateful for all that we have learned over these last twelve months and now use those lessons to help propel us into a positive outcome over the next twelve. It’s a time to reevaluate your goals, renew your sense of purpose and rededicate yourself to becoming your best self in the upcoming year. For our organization, it was another incredibly eventful year, and we are excited to move forward into the new year with a reinvigorated passion, excitement and commitment to our goals.

How can you use your “kung fu” to achieve all of your goals in 2017? The word “kung fu” loosely translates to skill; it’s any practice that takes time, patience and discipline to accomplish. Although most associate the word strictly with a type of martial art, in reality it’s the process of being deliberate in your actions, thorough and thoughtful in your approach, and passionate in your never ending pursuit of improvement. “Kung Fu” can (and absolutely should) be applied to all areas of your life.

You can use the principles of kung fu in every area of your life to achieve incredible results. In this day and age, many people are looking for the quick fix, the new and exciting thing that will let them achieve all of their goals in an instant. In reality though, anything of real substance, lasting impact, and true meaning take time and persistence to achieve. Whether it’s earning your black belt, growing your business, creating meaningful relationships, or losing those pesky pounds that have crept up over the years…there are no shortcuts. As our founder, Grandmaster Lee, wrote, “Nothing worthwhile comes easily. Work, continuous work and hard work, is the only way I know to accomplish results that last. There is no lasting victory at bargain basement prices. Work is victory; hard work well executed, equals success to me.”

So in this new year, we strongly encourage you to apply your “kung fu” to all of the goals that you set for yourself. Be diligent in your planning, methodical in your preparation, exacting in your execution, and unwavering in your determination to persist through any trials and tribulations life throws your way. Let all that you have learned through your Bok Fu Do training help guide you to be the absolute best you can be.

Let’s make 2017 the best year yet, for every single one of us. Let’s do it together! Turn your attitude of “I think I can!” into the Bok Fu Do attitude of “I know I can!”
Wishing you all health, happiness and success in the new year!

Onward and upward with Bok Fu Do,

Master Morgan Newman


Happy Birthday Ms. Dominguez!

Today we are celebrating the birthday of the fantastic Ms. Dominguez!

Ms. Dominguez began her journey with East West in 2000 and has been a fundamental part of the organization ever since. She quickly became an instructor at East-West 2003 and has been helping produce high quality students ever since. In 2008 Ms. Dominguez earned her 1st degree black belt and was then chosen to become a disciple of Grandmaster Lee Ms. Dominguez has since earned the rank of 2nd degree black belt in Bok Fu Do and is also a 2nd Tuan(black sash) under the World Kuo Shu Federation.

Less than a year after starting her training she competed in her first international tournament and since made a huge impact on the national, international, and world stage. She has gone on to qualify at the nationals and win the world championships an unprecedented 5 times (five time, five time, five time, five time, FIVE TIME) in Brazil (2003), Singapore (2006), Germany (2009), Malaysia (2012) and most recently Argentina (2015) Ms. Dominguez has won the United States Kuo Shu Federations Female Lei Tai Competitor of the Year an unheard of seven times (2006-2010, 2012, and 2016) for her outstanding fighting performances.

Ms. Dominguez is a prime example of dedication and having faith in your teachers. She has followed in the footsteps of her teachers by making this her lifes work. She is the Deputy General Manager of East West Schools and is the Director of Instructor Committee of the International Bok Fu Do Association.

All students that are lucky enough to know Ms. Dominguez are positively influenced by genuine and pure spirit. Ms. Dominguez, we hope you have the very best of birthdays and are so excited for the many more wonderful years to come!


Grandmaster Huang’s Seminars 2016

A very special thank you to Grandmaster Huang, Chien-Liang for teaching four incredible seminars this weekend. For the last 20 years, Grandmaster Huang has visited our schools from Maryland to teach seminars to our students. We are all very fortunate to be able to learn directly from him.

Our first seminar on Friday night was Coiling Dragon Short Staff.

Saturday morning Grandmaster Huang taught a Qi Gong Seminar.

Our black belt only seminar was on the four classical chinese weapons.

The final seminar of the weekend was the Double Daggers.


Happy Birthday, Dr. Panella!

Today we celebrate the birthday of 1st generation Grandmaster Richard Lee disciple, 2nd Degree IBFDA certified Richard Lee Black Belt, 2nd tuan under the World Kuoshu Federation, Medical Advisor to the IBFDA, International Referee Level ‘A’ in the World Kuoshu Federation, and all around great fellow: Dr. Panella!

Dr. Panella’s journey into martial arts began in 1991 at the age of forty-eight. He has been an instructor at East-West since 1994. Dr.Panella has been a disciple of Grandmaster Lee since 2002 and he earned his black belt in 2004 at the young age of sixty-one.

Dr. Panella has consistently participated at the International Kuo Shu Championships in Baltimore, MD since 1996. From 1996-2004, he competed in forms and weapons divisions. From 2006-2010, Dr. Panella served as an official of the tournament, judging forms, weapons and as a Lei Tai corner judge. In 2011, Dr. Panella earned certification as a TWKSF International “A level” Referee. He performed as an Executive Referee for the USKSF in 2011 and 2012. Dr. Panella represented the United States as an Executive Referee at the 4th & 5th TWKSF World Kuo Shu Championships.

Dr. Panella represented the United States in forms and weapons competition at the 1st TWKSF World Kuoshu (Kung-Fu) Tournament in Brazil (2003) and the 2nd TWKSF World Tournament in Singapore (2006). He was also a member of the USKSF group that traveled to China in 2002.

Dr. Panella was the Co-Sponsor for the 2012 U.S. International Kuo Shu Championship Tournament in Baltimore, MD. He has also been a constant supporter over the years of the many East-West U.S. teams that have competed all over the world. He is the head of the Senior Advanced Training Department at Richard Lee’s East-West Kung-Fu school.

Dr. Panella is a shining example for the more mature portion of our student body, demonstrating that continued growth and personal development is indeed a life long process. Now in his 70s, he is still training and teaching on a daily basis, and is a great role model and teacher to the students he works with, as well as an inspiration and a joy to have as a training partner for his peers.

Dr. Panella, “Today is the oldest you’ve ever been and the youngest you’ll ever be again.” 🙂 We sincerely hope you enjoy celebrating the incredible life you live with all the people you hold dear. We wish you all the very best for your special day today.

To read more about Dr. Panella, click here.