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Baltimore Seminars

Register to learn forms, weapons, and two man sets in preparation for the National Tournament in Baltimore. All seminars are held in Alamo from 12:30-1:30 on the following dates:

Open Hand Form – 2/4/2017
Weapon Form 3/25/2017
Open Hand Two Man Set – 4/29/2017
Weapon Two Man Set – 5/20/2017

One seminar – $60
Two seminars – $115
Three seminars – $165
Four seminars – $210

IBFDA members receive 10% off their total.

Please check with your teacher if you are unsure of what seminars to sign up for.

2017 Baltimore Form Seminars

  • example: plum flower fist (competed) 18 point staff (learned)
  • Use code IBFDAMEMBER for 10% off the total
  • $0.00